L1 Firmware

Hi Laisimo, having read through lots of messages on your Facebook page, I think the majority of users are concerned about the lack of L1 Firmware updates, myself included.

What are your plans regarding this and the L1 Apps (Android & IOS) that don't work properly?


  • Any news Laisimo?

    I'm happy with the progress made with the L3 firmware and app updates, but the L1 has just been left so long now (what is it, 6 months or so since release and 4 months since the last IOS update?).

    Please can you let us all know that the L1/apps will get some updates.
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    I bought LAISIMO L1 200W on http://ru.aliexpress.com/.
    When connected to a computer via USB, the indicator does not showed the charge.
    I decided to flash.
    I downloaded the file from your website: Laisimo_L1_200W_wallpaper_change_guide and do everything according to instructions.
    LAISIMO L1 when connection to a computer is determined by the computer him sees it.
    If I take the firmware file and click UPDATE, the program shuts down and does not to reflash.
    Now my LAISIMO L1 not even turn on.
    Please help me, how to reflash my LAISIMO L1.
    I have installed windows 10. I ran the program from windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10. The result is identical.
    Thank you very much.
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    Please help me, how to reflash my LAISIMO L1.

    Picture 7: Program has stopped working "MainWindow.exe"
    Picture 8: Program "MainWindow.exe" is not working
    3.png 22.1K
    6.png 25.4K
    4.png 23K
    2.png 22.2K
    5.png 56.2K
    1.png 62.7K
    7.png 25.6K
    8.png 29.6K
  • Firstly the L1 does not charge via USB, its only for firmware/image uploads. Are you using the .exe from the win8win10 folder as that is the one to use regardless of what version of Windows you use.
  • Hello Mia I have had the same problem with my Laisimo L1. It just will not turn on after following the procedure. what can I do about it ?
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