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Hello. I am a long time vaper but a total novice when it comes to set up and adding firmware so I have a question and hopefully someone can save me, please. I was at Myrtle Beach last week and left my dna 200 and twisted messes rda somewhere on the last day of my vacation. I was practically in tears as I locked up the doors to the condo and had to head to the airport, without my beloved DNA 200. So pissed. I bought the laisimo L1 and while I was tinkering with it last night, I somehow made it not work or fire at all. I am wondering if I can reset the default settings and try again . Can someone help me out?
Thank you,


  • Need more info... Have you locked it, or turned it off? Are you using Temp mode or Power? Can you select items from the menu etc. All a bit too vague man. If you have tempo bricked it try reflashing the firmware.
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